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10 Coolest Small Towns in America 2018

From California’s wine country to the shores of the Hudson River, from the Arizona desert to the Great Lakes, we’re celebrating unique towns that are just waiting for you to discover them.

We love to help you find destinations that go beyond the obvious big cities and theme parks to discover something a little different: America’s Coolest Small Towns. For 13 years now, we’ve celebrated unique towns across the U.S., and this year our network of editors, writers, photographers, and videographers went in search of the coolest of the cool, each with a population under 20,000.

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The New York Times

Beacon, N.Y.: Quaint City Rediscovered

Back in 2014, the Times had already caught onto the good life people were leading in Beacon. The venerable newspaper’s Living In section talked about the distinctive landscape, the whimsical shops and great fare – as most articles rightfully do – but, also put the focus on the quality of life that comes with moving into and settling down in the town’s neighborhood feel.

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Hudson Valley Magazine

Hudson Valley River Towns: Beacon

As the valley’s signature – eponymous, even – publication, Hudson Valley Magazine is known for its annual guides to the region’s seasonal events, its premier destinations and as an overall cheerleader for all things “almost” upstate. In 2015, the magazine did this piece on what was then the budding Beacon renaissance. It has continued to cover the thriving mini-metro area ever since, including expansive coverage of Beacon’s artisan food and spirits community, its internationally known art scene and its inviting natural scenery and trails.

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